So....due to the fact that the Glasgow public are simply tremendous at donating to us, we have run our of space in our building. Every room is packed with good quality goods just waiting to be passed onto people in need, but this left us with a problem!!!! We have plans to extend the project with some group work and introducing other services and we left ourselves with no space to do this. Problem???? yes.....but only for a short while until the brain began to work and we now have a bus waiting to be converted into our project pod. Many many many thanks to FIRST GLASGOW for donating the bus totally free of charge and M8 RECOVERY for making sure it fit snugly in our car park. We are super excited for the conversion and looking forward to getting started.......

Wully with our new baby!!!!!

JNR from M8 Recovery & Wully & Jim from First Glasgow. Sheer diamonds the 3 of them!

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