**Points of light Award**

So, much to our surprise, we were given a Points of light award from the Prime Minister to acknowledge the voluntary work we do. Award was given to Founder, Audrey Dempsey, but Audrey shares the award with the rest of the team as she stated, "This is not a one man job to keep this charity afloat".

Sadly the PM focussed the award purely on the recycling aspect of the charity with no mention of the people in poverty who benefit, but people in power can "Sugar Coat" this charity in any way they want because the people KNOW why we exist and what we stand for.

Any recognition is good recognition and we appreciate the fact that someone went to the bother of nominating us in the first place.

Check it out here **https://www.pointsoflight.gov.uk/glasgow-no1-baby-and-family-support-service

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