WE HAVE HEAT!!!!!!!!

Updated: Feb 24, 2019

Well after bracing temps of -2 INSIDE OUR WAREHOUSE all winter, we can very happily say we now have heat, thanks to our wonderful local Councillors, Mr Martin McElroy and Elaine McDougall. When we took on our building in April last year we were fully aware that it had no form of heating but we signed the lease regardless as we thought we could take care of that when we moved in. After exhausting all avenues of getting heating put into the place and having no success, our Councillors went back to the landlord and fought our corner..........AND THEY WON WOOOHOOOO. We can now welcome our wonderful volunteers into a nice HOT safe enviroment and we no longer have to offer hat scarf and gloves at the door. THANK YOU Martin and Elaine. Once again you came through for us and we appreciate all you do in supporting us always xxx

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