Updated: Feb 24, 2019

So due to having the heating fixed we had to reshuffle absolutely everything in our warehouse. This was a major major major job, as anyone who has ever been in the warehouse will know as there are just gazillions of things in there. This was a mega job for us females who are already snowed under with many tasks needing done......but........stepping in and rescuing us by moving all our racking and boxes and stock was 3 absolute wonderful gentlemen sent to help us by Milnbank Housing Association in Dennistoun Glasgow. There was just no stopping these guys at all. They were a complete godsend and even the manager popped in to say hi and make sure all was going well! It was just an amazing day and what we had estimated to take around 1 week for us to do, they did in a few hours. Thank you thank you thank you!!!! you guys are just Amazing absolutely amazing <3 <3 <3

our 3 amigos with some of our

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